The Middle Voice can be difficult to translate because English has few equivalents. It is used in Greek to show that the action of the verb is both done by and happening to the subject. For example in English "I turn myself around." There are also middle deponents that change meaning in the middle voice.

Present and Imperfect Morphology Edit

The Present and imperfect use the same stem, but the Imperfect uses the Aorist endings (to follow) in the singular and present endings in the plural both with the ε augment. Singular endings are ομαι εσαι εται. The plural are ομεθα, εσθε, ονται.

Future and Aorist Morphology Edit

In the future and the Aorist, a different stem is used. The Future uses the same Middle endings as the present with the future stem. The Aorist uses it's own endings. The Singular endings are: αμην, ω, ατο. The Plural endings are: αμεθα, ασθε, αντο.